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one of the best facility managment company in mumbai

About Us

We at Royal Smart Facility are pleased to introduce ourselves as professional security and housekeeping service organization. We are engaged in providing all security services under one roof along with allied activities pertaining to all security aspects & are well known for providing securities in industries, hotel, Residence, etc.
We also fulfill all the statutory requirements. We provide services to commercial establishment, plants, factories, multiplexes, residential complexes, construction sites etc. over team has very high experience in this field & we are least 10 yrs in security indent we have an excellent contacts all ove

Our Services


For every type of Maintenance At individual and Societal level such as Lobby, Offices, Boardrooms, Parking Lot Maintenance and Many more service area.

Security guard

Providing Security Solutions,Security Guard Service and Corporate Security Service to Residential and Industrial Areas.Services also include Society Security Guard Service, Apartment Security Guard Service, House Security Guard Service, Personal Security Guard Service and Personal Body Guard Service.

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